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WIPPRO Klimatec 160: The Only Passive House Certified Attic Stair

March 16, 2017

WipproKlimatecIs your attic outside your thermal enclosure?  If so, access to that attic space should be carefully considered.   You want easy and comfortable access but also need to maintain the continuity of the airtightness and insulation layers.   Needless to say traditional attic stairs do not deliver the needed performance.  Until today, the best one could hope for was a jerry-rigged solution.

Now, there is an attic stair unit that delivers a robust and elegant solution:   The WIPPRO Klimatec 160 is the first and only Passive House Certified attic hatch for arctic climates, complete with a folding stair system, that allows you access uninsulated attic spaces without compromising your thermal enclosure.


The WIPPRO Klimatec 160 with the stairs fully extended.

With a Ud-value at an unmatched 0.34 W/m2K, WIPPRO Klimatec 160 exceeds the PHI requirement of 0.6 W/m2K by almost 45%.  WIPPRO achieved this U-value by designing a thermally separated frame and an insulated hatch door with 6.3″ of extruded polystyrene insulation (total: R26).  The airsealing system for the hatch consists of a 3 circumferential gaskets, which guarantees durability and high-performance.  Further insulation can be achieved with the optional ISOTE 160 lid, which automatically lifts with the stair hatch is opened and adds 2 3/8″ of XPS insulation for an R-value increase of 9.7.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 4.54.48 PM

The optional cover adds insulation – and opens automatically and easily opens when the stairs are lowered.

The WIPPRO Klimatec 160 has an fRsi value of 0.25 m2K/W, far below the PHI standard of 0.80 m2K/W.  For specific information about assembly-dependent thermal bridge Ψ values, see the WIPPRO’s PHI Certificate or contact us for help making the calculation.

The folding stair system is easy to operate, and can be pulled down or folded up with one hand.  It is mounted with two heavy duty spring-mounted opening and closing mechanisms, features protective caps at the stair bottom, and can be adjusted for various ceiling heights.  The stairs themselves feature powder coated steel, anti-slip treads, with 14.2″ x 4.8″ rungs and handrails for an easy climb.  And the final step is within the hatch casing, making the stairs particularly comfortable to use.

Hand rails make the WIPPRO Klimatec 160 easy and comfortable to use.

WIPPRO Klimatec 160 Specs:

  • Rough Opening: 55 1/8″ x 27 9/16″ (140 x 70 cm)
  • Staircase Length: varies from 8′ 2.5″ to 9′ 10.5″ (250 to 270 cm) to accommodate different ceiling heights
  • Ud = 0.059 BTU/hr-ft2-°F (0.34 W/m2K)
  • External frame inside RO: 53 13/16″ x 26 1/8″ (136.7 x 66.4 cm)
  • Metal frame size: 55 1/8″ x 27 9/16″ (138 x 68 cm)
  • White ceiling frame dimensions: 56 13/16″ x 29 1/8″ (144.3 x 74.0 cm)
  • Total height (when closed): 18.9″ (48 cm)
  • EU airsealing class IV active latch closure (highest class)

See our WIPPRO Klimatec 160 pamphlet for a summary of features and specs.


The stairs fold into the assembly, and the white door integrates discreetly into the ceiling.

WIPPRO, located in northern Austria, is an environmentally conscious company.  Much of the energy for their operations is provided by a nearby wind farm and company-owned hydroelectric plant.  They source their materials locally, use only water-soluble paints, and even recycle customers’ old doors.  And the XPS in the construction is CO2 blown – which is significantly less environmentally problematic than HCFC-blown XPS.

For a smooth and high-performance solution to connecting your high-performance building to an unconditioned attic space, the WIPPRO Klimatec 16o is the product you’ve been waiting for.

See the product page and more information here.

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