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The System (reliable and durable airtight for foam free construction)

August 2, 2012

The Pro Clima Air-Sealing System (The System) is a comprehensive approach to air sealing and moisture control. The System is not reliant on foam or other petroleum intensive, hygrophobic materials – and instead optimizes more environmentally friendly, hygroscopic, and VOC free approaches.

The System mockup – Exterior View

The System mockup – Interior View









 There are three main elements:

ROFLEX gaskets to airseal pipes and ducts penetrating airtight assemblies

  1. A windtight/airtight, waterproof and actively vapor open exterior weather resistant barrier membrane:  SOLITEX MENTO 1000 or SOLITEX MENTO Plus (or DA membrane for assenblies in hot and humid climates).
  2. An air tight, vapor intelligent membrane at interior:  INTELLO Plus or DB+.
  3. And air-sealing tapes, gaskets, primers and adhesives – making sure all penetrations and material connections are durably and completely sealed.

Key characteristics include:

  • Thermal bypass elimination by optimizing the insulating value of natural dense pack cellulose, mineral wool and other fibrous insulation with The System’s interior and exterior air-tight membranes.
  • The System’s interior air tight and vapor intelligent membrane (pdf), Intello Plus, acts as a vapor barrier in winter (0.17 Perms), preventing wetting of the assembly; and is vapor open in the summer (13.2 Perms), allowing inward drying.
  • Dense pack cellulose installations are aided by the translucent and reinforced Intello Plus construction.
  • Winter drying is maximized toward the exterior with the Solitex Mento 1000 vapor open membrane (38 Perms).
  • Penetrations and joints are made durable with synthetic rubber penetration gaskets, and solid acrylic adhesive tapes and primers – that allow air-tight connections to move with the building.
  • The System components are VOC free.
  • The importance of the air barriers are fully acknowledged and optimized.  (As Joe Lstiburek was quoted as saying at BS Camp via @EnergyVanguard:  “Air-sealing both sides of the wall is more important than the fluffing of the insulation in the cavity.“)

Further, the all important air-tight layers can be safely protected and optimized with a service cavity at the interior and a vented rain screen at the exterior.

Free yourself from foam and build more robustly and sustainably with The Pro Clima Air-Sealing System.

Variations on The System are being incorporated across the US.  Below are a few of our favorites:

Chris Corson does it without sheathing in Maine with Solitex Mento Plus. www.ecocor.us

Anonymous mixes it up with DB+ in Seattle.

Ed May and team beautifully sets up the vented rainscreen battons over Solitex Mento 1000 in Wisconsin. www.bldgtypblog.blogspot.com

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