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SOLITEX Resource Library

July 1, 2016

Pro Clima SOLITEX exterior membranes are leading the way to higher performance and better energy efficiency in North American construction. SOLITEX products offer unmatched waterproofing, airtightness and outward drying potential for all types of projects. Their exceptional strength and durability make them suitable not only as housewraps or weather resistant barriers (WRBs) – but also as “sarking” membranes for vapor open roof assemblies.

We now stock 5 different SOLITEX products in our US and Canadian warehouses, with several available in both standard and double-wide sizes. There’s a lot to know about each of these membranes, so we’ve put together this resource library to put all the important information right at your fingertips – for newcomers and experienced builders alike.


SOLITEX MENTO 1000 and MENTO PLUS are our most popular exterior membranes – offering the best combination of vapor open performance and affordability for most projects. They are widely used on walls and roofs, with or without sheathing, and with most types of exterior cladding. MENTO 1000 is used for most applications, but MENTO PLUS is substituted when the membrane is also called upon to support dense pack insulation, without exterior sheathing.

The following two links will help you understand how the MENTO system functions:

Additional SOLITEX products

Note:  These products are not reinforced for support of dense pack insulation and need to be used typically over sheathing or open studs with batt insulation.

  • SOLITEX FRONTA QUATTRO – for open joint rainscreens
  • SOLITEX FRONTA HUMIDA – for reservoir claddings
  • SOLITEX UM – with added 3-D mesh for integrated venting

SOLITEX Installation GuidesSOLITEX MENTO 1000

     Wall Installation:

  • SOLITEX MENTO 1000 / FRONTA QUATTRO / FRONTA HUMIDA – fastened over sheathing or studs with batt insulation (no unsupported dense pack)
  • SOLITEX MENTO PLUS – fastened over studs (no sheathing) supporting dense pack insulation.

     Roof Installation:

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