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Klimatec 160 (27.5×55”)

PHI Certified Attic Staircase Hatch

The WIPPRO Klimatec 160 is a high quality, super-insulated attic hatch with a folding stair for accessing un-insulated attics in high performance projects and Passive Houses. This well-engineered solution is very light to operate, can be pulled down and unfolded with one hand with minimal force. This allows you to access you unconditioned attic space and not have to compromise your thermal envelope. It exceeds the PHI required Ud of 0.60w/m2K by almost 45% and has a comfortably high f(rsi) above 0.8. For thermal bridge Ψ values, please see PHI certificate or contact us to assist with a calculation.

To reach this unmatched U-value WIPPRO created a special, thermally separated frame and an insulated hatch door with 6.3” Extruded polystyrene. The system airseal is made with 3 circumferential airsealing gaskets – which assures long term durability and performance of this critical component.
Insulation value can be further enhanced with ADH-II lid, that automatically lifts when stair hatch is opened – 2-3/8” – R-9.7


• Klimatec 160 – rough opening 55-1/8” x 27-9/16” (140 x 70 cm)
• Staircase length / from 8’2.5” to 9’10.5” (250 to 270 cm)
• Ud 0.059 BTU/hr.ft2.°F (0.34 W/m2K)
• External frame size inside opening 53-13/16” x 26-1/8” (136.7×66.4 cm)
• Metal frame size 55-1/8” x 27-9/16” (138 x 68 cm)
• White ceiling frame dimensions 56-13/16” by 29-1/8” (144.3 x 74.0cm)
• Height 18.9” (48cm)
• Highest EU airsealing class (IV) – active latch closure

The WIPPRO products stand out compared to wooden attic stairs because of the following unique features that assure long lasting performance and ease of use:
• 2 heavy duty spring mounted closing/opening mechanisms, with ball bearings
• Metal stair – that fully adjusts to ceiling heights and protective caps on bottom
• Powered coated stair with anti-slip treads (14.2” wide, 4.8” high rungs)
• Telescopic handle on side for safe ascending/decending stair/ladder
• Final step inside hatch, make all steps height the same even within the 18.9” hatch structure

Motorized custom made attic hatches are available with highly insulative properties – please contact us to request a quote.

Reference Downloads

WIPPRO Klimatec 160 Brochure
WIPPRO Klimatec PHI Certified Component Certificate


WIPPRO Klimatec 160 Brochure
WIPPRO Klimatec PHI Certified Component Certificate


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