Per­meable, ho­mo­gen­eously weld­able roof underlayment

WELDANO safely protects low pitch roofs with a robust underlayment that is vapor open and fully welded, as opposed to vapor closed products that keep water out, while blocking outward drying.

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As a 3-ply per­meable, ho­mo­gen­eously weld­able, rain­proof/wa­ter­tight roof lin­ing. Suit­able for in­stall­a­tion on pres­sure-res­ist­ant sub­sur­faces, e.g. wooden deck­ing, wood-based pan­els and wood fibre un­der­lay pan­els.


  • Ho­mo­gen­eously weld­able with a weld­ing li­quid or with heat
  • Non-slip and ab­ra­sion-res­ist­ant sur­face
  • Per­meable and, at the same time, rain­proof against driv­ing rain
  • Ex­tremely high tear-res­ist­ance
  • As a roof lin­ing with the most strin­gent safety re­quire­ments
  • Mono­lith­ic mem­brane
  • For optimum protection under metal, tile and slate roofs – even at pitches below 3:12