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WELDANO ROFLEX is a homogeneously weldable pipe gasket for the reliable installation of pipe feed-throughs with­in the SOLI­TEX WELDANO sys­tem. The prefabricated gasket can be used to ex­ecute pipe feed-throughs in an easy, quick and per­man­ently sealed man­ner.
The shaped ele­ment can be wel­ded to the pro clima SOLI­TEX WELDANO roof lin­ing mem­brane in a wa­ter­tight man­ner us­ing the WELDANO TURGA sys­tem solvent weld­ing agent or hot air.


  • Ho­mo­gen­eously weld­able in the SOLI­TEX WELDANO sys­tem with a weld­ing li­quid or with heat
  • The pipes can be shif­ted or pulled sub­sequently without dam­aging the seal
  • Ex­tremely high tear-res­ist­ance
  • Wind­proof, rain­proof and wa­ter­tight
  • For pipes with dia­met­ers of 90 – 125 mm
  • Air-Sealing System
    475 High Performance Building Supply

    475 High Performance Building Supply