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TESCON VANA air sealing tape is a long-lasting, robust solution to permanently airtight taped bonding of air barriers. Learn what we mean by “permanently airtight”: third-party tested for highest possible performance. It may be used with an array of materials.

For example:

  • Pro Clima smart vapor retarders (INTELLO, DB+)
  • Airbarriers
  • Polyethelene
  • Metal
  • Aluminum foil
  • Pro Clima Weather Resistant Barriers
  • Housewraps and ZIP-system
  • TESCON VANA has the following properties:

  • Seals joints airtight between wood based panels (such as OSB and plywood).
  • Vapor permeable, Perm 8 (Sd value:0.4m) for enhanced outward drying potential.
  • Split release paper, for easy applicatoin on two side of seams, inside corners, etc.
  • Durable waterproof tape adhesion (SOLID acrylic adhesive).
  • In combination with TESCON Primers adheres to soft/porous wood insulation panels, concrete, sheetrock, rough OSB and brick.
  • UV/weather resistant – 6 months of exposure.
  • Very high tensile strength.
  • Polypropylene backing forms itself to slightly uneven substrates.
  • Available in the following roll widths:

  • 238” (60 mm)
  • 31516” (100 mm)
  • 51516” (150 mm)
  • All rolls are 98’5″ (30 m) long

    Declare Vana” width=

  • TESCON VANA Specifications (PDF)
  • TESCON VANA Fiche technique (PDF)
  • TESCON VANA application guide (PDF)
  • 3 part spec – interior air- and vapor control layer (PDF)
  • 3 part spec – interior air- and vapor control layer (DOCX)
  • Certificate of performance: 100 year accelerated age testing – independently verified by University of Kassel
  • What We Mean By “Permanently Airtight”: third-party tested for highest possible performance
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