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A 4-layer vapor open waterproof membrane with 3-D mesh. Roof underlayment with integrated venting for metal roofs and shingle/siding WRB for rain-screen applications. It provides superior weather protection for your demanding projects and can cover insulation, plywood, OSB and exterior gypsum-board. It has an actively vapor open, monolithic layer of TEEE film that is extremely waterproof – and outperforms vapor closed underlayments both in outward drying potential as well as ease of application (lighter, faster and easier with intergrate overlap tape.

• Monolithic TEEE membrane with two protective PP fleeces
• Integrated 3-D mesh venting/drainage mesh that is 0.3″ (8mm) high
• TEEE is extermely watertight, resists 33’ ft of water column, while vapor permeable
• Actively vapor open TEEE film membrane.
• Sd-value 0.05m (DIN 12572) – Perm of 38
• High thermo-stability.

When installed according to instructions, the SOLITEX UM is suitable as temporary roofing for pitches >3:12. Installation temperature must be above 40F to allow SOLITEX UM adhesives to properly bond.

If used at lower pitches under waterproof metal roofs (as low as 5/8″:12), SOLITEX UM drains back side condensation (in combination with TESCON NAIDEC sealing tapes under clips) and also reduces hail/rain noise.

When used with cedar shingle roof installation, or roof pitches below 3:12) the roof should be protected with a tarp during construction – ie before the final roofing is finished. As with any underlayment, it’s imperative that the shingle roof – or low pitch metal roof – be rain-tight when completed.


• Roll width: 59″ (1.5m), Folded at 55″ (1.4m) for adhesion strip
• Roll length: 82′ (25m)
• Roll area: 404SF (37.5m2)

Ships from USA warehouse, please account for this when ordering – 475 will take care of custom clearance and cost

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