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SOLITEX MENTO 3000 Connect is a 3-ply roof underlayment mem­brane with high resistance to wear, temperature exposure and driv­ing rain, includes 2 in­teg­rated self-ad­hes­ive strips

• TEEE monolythic vapor open layer, with PP protection fleeces on both sides
• Highly per­meable and at the same time, max­im­um res­ist­ance to driv­ing rain, wa­ter column 32′ 10″
• Op­tim­um dry­ing con­di­tions for roof and wall struc­tures: non-por­ous TEEE func­tion­al mem­brane act­ively trans­ports mois­ture out­wards
• Extended UV/ag­ing res­ist­ance and sta­bil­ity thanks to heavy weight proctive fleece
• 4 months of exterior ex­pos­ure. Suit­able to be used as tem­por­ary roof
• Quick and re­li­able ad­he­sion as a res­ult of in­teg­rated con­nect self-ad­hes­ive strips along the length of the mem­brane

Product dimensions:

  • Roll width: 59 1/16” (1.50m)
  • Roll length: 164’ 1/2” (50m)
  • Roll area: 807 SF (75 m2)
  • General conditions
    SOLITEX MENTO membranes should be laid with the printed side facing the installer. They can be laid taut either at right angles to or along the eaves. Apply without sagging, folds or creases. Horizontal installation (along the eaves) is preferable with regard to water tightness. When using as a roof underlayment the spacing between the rafters is limited to 3′ 3″ on center spacing.

    To protect the structure during the building phase, SOLITEX MENTO 3000 roof can be used as a temporary roof cover for up to 4 months. In this case the roof pitch must be at least 3:12 (14°). Use TESCON VANA for sealing overlaps at horizontal joints, valleys and to connect to drip edges. Use TESCON NAIDECK to seal nail and screw penetrations. This Connect membrane has two self-adhesive zones for secure exterior sealing.

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