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PRESSFIX is an application tool made from flexible plastic. It is suitable for uniform pressing of adhesive tapes to surfaces of all kinds. The tool can be used to provide sufficient pressure to get the optimum bond with Pro Clima tapes. It will prevent your hands from getting sore and/or hot while rubbing down long stretches of tape.

Tool can be used to get TESCON Profil adhered into the corner of window frame and airtight layer connection – allowing you to make it a 90 degree corner.
Used to apply even pressure to taut vapor retarding membranes (INTELLO Plus or DB+) while adhering them with TESCON VANA
windproof or rainproof bonding overlap of the weather resistive barrier/housewrap (eg SOLITEX Mento ) with DUPLEX , EXTOSEAL or TESCON VANA.


  • 3”x4”
  • Air-Sealing System
    475 High Performance Building Supply

    475 High Performance Building Supply