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Lightway is the ideal product to bring daylight into attics, hallways and closets that are located below roofs. Made from specially produced extra reflective tubing and capped with an ultra clear glass-crystal dome from Prague, it delivers the highest possible level of free daylight into otherwise dark rooms.

NOTE: To eliminate the performance issues associated with conventional Solar Tubes – thermal bridges, heat loss, condensation, and air tightness – combine the Lightway LW300 Solar Tube with the Blue Performance 300 insulation break (purchased separately). This combination creates the ideal product for bringing daylight into Passive Houses.

See Blue Performance 300 double pane insulation module for technical data with BP 300 installed

Included in this kit:
• LW 300 (11.8”) – Flashing 18.5”x18.5” (470×470 mm)
• Crystal glass dome, collar and insulated flat roof flashing,
• 1x tube 24.6” (625 mm)
• Diffuser with white trim and gaskets
• Box with connecting pieces

Download Links:

  • Lightway Blue Performance brochure
  • Lightway Blue Performance brochure
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