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If a service cavity is not possible. As an alternative to the self sealing INSTAABOX, the LESSCO box offers a deeper installation space (2.9″), which allows for larger electrical boxes (and less insulation).
This air vapor barrier box is designed to attach to a wall or ceiling frame member and can contain up to three conventional electrical boxes. Once installed, use TESCON VANA to airseal the flanges of the box to INTELLO/DB+/airbarrier. Drill holes to run wire through the box into the wall cavity and seal these with TESCON VANA or PROFIL tape to the box in an airtight way (sandwiched from each side). barrier to the box flange with contractor’s sheathing tape. Correct installation will eliminate the passage of air and moisture through electrical boxes.

The interior size of each box: 6.5″ x 7.5″ x 2.9″ deep

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