Lamilux FE Energysave

Passive House Certified by PHI


A PHI Certified skylight that has a thermal bridge free frame to optimize the performance of your Passive House and High Performance construction.

Approximately 13 week lead time – from C$3900 and up

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Glass opening sizes available from 24″x24″ to as large as 71″x71″
lead time app. 12 weeks

Technical details:

Uskylight (installed): 0.148 BTU/hr.ft2.°F (0.84 W/m2K) DIN EN 10077
Uglass: 0.105 BTU/hr.ft2.°F (0.6 W/m2K)

Triple pane glass – Laminated interior pane, float middle, Tempered exterior (8-14-4-14-6mm)

SHGC: 0.49 (as low as 0.3 by request)
Visual Transmittance: 0.7 (at 49SHGC) and 0.6 (at 30SHGC)

Highest airsealing class – 4 (DIN EN 12207)

Includes powder coated exterior frame in any RAL color (except metallic)

Can be installed in roof pitches as low as 3°, >5° recommended to keep glass clean. Max roof pitch 25° (5.6:12 pitch)

Kink free isotherms maximize the efficiency of the installed skylights and minimize heat loss and risk of condensation. This fine tuned and engineered solution from Germany minimizes losses and maximizes the amount of daylight provided.

Download Links:

  • LAMILUX_Passivhaus Brochure
  • LAMILUX FE Energysave certificate from PHI
  • LAMILUX_Passivhaus Brochure
  • LAMILUX FE Energysave certificate from PHI