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GUTEX Thermosafe-wd high compression wood fiberboard is very sustainable insulation. For CI (continuous insulation) on exterior – interior insulation in walls of service cavities. Ceilings or on top of roof sheathing as CI. When used as insulation in exterior walls or roofs needs protection by WRB (Pro Clima MENTO membranes) or coverboard by GUTEX cover boards (MULTIPLEX TOP, ULTRATHERM, THERMOWALL or MULTITHERM). High quality single-ply construction, butted edges and homogeneous cross section make the highly insulative, compression resistant and windtight.


  • Board R-value: 5.85
  • Stock thickness: 1 916” (80 mm) – 60 boards per pallet
  • Length x width: 43 516“x 23 58” (1100 mm x 600 mm)
  • Custom orders in bulk possible for other thicknesses – see also here for Thermosafe-homogen
  • Perm rating: 44/inch (Sd 0.48m for 80 mm board)
  • The consistently uniform board dimensions make installation quick and easy. The dry process, means that the boards contain 96% wood – this maximizes the use of this sustainable, recyclable natural resource. It is made in Germany and biologically safe (natureplus® certified), and contains only 4% binder (polyurethane). The board is ideal for upgrading the thermal insulation of existing structures, since it is vapor open , insulative and reduces thermal bridging. The WD version has high compressive strength so can be used under a WRB or in combination with a Parrafin based GUTEX cover board. Furthermore it’s exceptional specific heat capacity, can help keep the building cool during hot summer days, if there are cooler nights.

    Download Links:

  • GUTEX Thermosave-wd spec (PDF)
  • Thermosafe-wd Spec Sheet
  • FSC Certificate
  • GUTEX Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Thermal Insulation
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