Highly elastic adhesive tape for airtight seals for penetrations such as pipes, installation parts, and beams. >>Read More

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• 32.8′ long (10m) x 2 3/8″ wide (6cm), approx 2mm thick
• Strong butyl rubber layer on elastic carrier film
• Protects even when highly stretched
• Watertight, preventing water ingress
• Butyl rubber penetrates deep into the substrate
• Bonds to many materials, including mineral substrates

Conditions, recommendations

  • Make sure to sufficiently stretch tape edges when folding back onto membrane/substrate – then press firmly to secure the adhesive tape. Ensure there is sufficient back pressure, use a PRESSFIX for best results.
  • To work with the tape, temperatures must be >41°F (5°C) during the day and have frost free nights. The tape is self-bonding when heated.
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