Fleece tape to make airtight connections between membranes, OSB, plywood, wood joists and beams to plastered surfaces / solid construction. Interior use only. >>Read More

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• CONTEGA PV is an interior tape designed to make an airtight connection between structural objects and structural interruptions of the airtight layer. Especially suitable to connect massive/solid construction to beams and joist. Additional it is suitable to connect all Pro Clima systems (ie INTELLO Plus and DB+ or other membranes) to solid construction work (OSB, plywood or brick/concrete).
• To permanent airtight bond interior reveals at windows, doors, planed timber, corners and roof windows to massive construction elements (brick, concrete) to be plastered or finished with a airtight layer.
• Single 7/8” wide adhesive strip to connect to smooth solid airtight substrates.
• Fleece can be plastered in for an airtight and seamless connection to brick etc. and the mesh reinforces this connected – it saves space in tight renovation conditions and in case you are working with porous (brick) substrates.
• Fleece allows tape to be folded in corners to make continuous airtight connections . See application guide.
• Roll width: 3-3/8” (85mm) + 4.5″ of mesh
• Roll length: 49’-2” (15m)
• Adhesive with release paper on one edge (7/8”-20mm wide).

  • Product Specification (PDF)
  • Application Guide (PDF)
  • Beam to Masonry Application Guide (PDF)
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