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Pro Clima’s membrane, tapes and adhesive performed best in the Test.de

April 5, 2012

ProClima airtight system test result – best in Test.de research

Berlin / Schwetzingen.

“No insulation without airsealing: Pro Clima’s membrane, tapes and adhesives best in test ‘

This was the conclusion of the consumer organization Stiftung Warentest (The German equivalent of US Consumer Reports) -and published in their April 2012 issue.  This independent organization purchased various insulation and air-sealing systems, which were then examined, laboratory tested and compared.  Final result: For the eight tested air sealing systems, Pro Clima was selected as best air-sealing product system.

“The fact that we tested as the best system, is a great conclusion of which we are very proud.” states architect Oliver Goldau of Pro Clima, “This study of test.de strengthens the awareness of housing developers and home owners that to effectively and durably insulate an airtight seal and vapor barrier is indispensible. “If you want to reduce heating costs and prevent structural damage and mold, both these elements should be included when installing insulation”.

INTELLO Plus airtight vapor retarder taped with TESCON Vana. Connected to joist with TESCON Profil.

The advantage of the Pro Clima system is that it’s solutions are safe, practical and fault tolerant. In addition, users are offered complimentary technical service. Floris Keverling Buisman from 475 High Performance Building Supply (FourSevenFive): “A system can only perform as well as designed, if it is supported with comprehensive technical and practical support.”

Therefore, Pro Clima, and it’s USA partner 475 offer technical services by email and phone. Architects, engineers and construction professional are encouraged to inquire how to safely airseal the building envelope. In addition, this blog and 475’s website (www.foursevenfive.ca) provides practical information for an energy efficient construction, while providing healthy indoor air quality (IAQ).

The complete test article (in German) is available online at http://www.test.de/themen/haus-garten/test/Dachdaemmung-Bloss-keine-Waermebruecke-4348205-4348207/. Cost Eu2.50

Contact info@foursevenfive.ca for an abbreviated version/English translation of the test results.

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