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Pro Clima air-sealing components recognized by GreenSpec

April 24, 2012

We are pleased to announce that DB+, Intello Plus airtight membranes with vapor control, Solitex Mento 1000 WRB and air sealing tapes – all produced by Pro Clima and exclusively supplied to the US market by 475 High Performance Building Supply – are now listed on the GreenSpec Directory. The directory, produced by BuildingGreen.com, is the industry leader for unbiased information on green building products.

Pro Clima membranes and tapes are critical components in a complete air-tight system approach to high-performance building, and a new benchmark for sustainable building components in the US.

DB+ interior air barrier system by Pro Clima

DB+ is a paper based interior air-tight membrane composed of 50% recycled content. It is reinforced so it may act as installation mesh for dense-pack cellulose. And DB+’s vapor profile varies from 0.8 perms in dry winter conditions to 5.5 perms in moist summer conditions, maximizing the drying potential of the enclosure and preventing structural damage.

Pro Clima air tight tapes are VOC free maximizing healthy indoor conditions. Made of solid acrylic adhesive, the tapes may be applied in temperatures down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit as well as in wet conditions.

Intello Plus is also an interior air barrier and vapor control layer, reinforced for dense-pack cellulose installation but with and even more dramatic vapor permeability curve: from 0.17 in winter to 13 in summer. Solitex Mento 1000 completes the enclosure optimization by providing a weather resistant barrier that is vapor open at 66 perms yet is wind/air tight and waterproof.

With Solitex Mento on the outside of the insulation layer and Intello Plus or DB+ on the inside, in combination with Pro Clima adhesive CONTEGA HF, primers TESCON RP and Kaflex and Roflex gaskets, a complete and robust air-tight system is readily achievable.

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