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Obama Endorses Passive House Initiative: This is BIG

August 27, 2015

obamaIn stunning news from Washington DC this week, the White House announced as part of a comprehensive plan to bring renewable energy and energy efficiency to households across the U.S. , that New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) in collaboration with NYSERDA, is launching a Passive House track:  The White House press release makes it clear the direction affordable multifamily buildings should be going:

“HCR intends to work closely with NYSERDA to monitor the ongoing energy use intensity of any Passive House projects that may be selected for funding under the RFP, in order to provide valuable data to the market to accelerate the trend toward construction of Passive House certified affordable multifamily buildings.”

475 Provides knowledge and training that makes Passive House work

475 Provides knowledge and training that makes Passive House work

Wow!  New York Passive House (NYPH) has more information on the announcement and HCR request for proposals HERE. Check it out.

475 looks forward to helping solve, in a cost effective and straightforward way, the assembly airtightness and moisture requirements – as well as ventilation requirements – to make affordable Passive House multifamily buildings. Sign-up for 475 training today.

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