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New 475 eBook: High Performance 2x Framing

August 3, 2015

2x 3dThis free details guide is the third in the 475 ebook series

2x wood frame construction is very common and typically provides poor performance. This free ebook illustrates how we can transform the 2x approach into a high-performance enclosure that affordably delivers the highest levels of comfort, energy efficiency and longevity.

Airtightness disproportionately effects enclosure thermal performance. A well insulated enclosure that is airtight loses one-fifth the energy compared to the an equally insulated but leaky enclosure. Airtightness is essential to optimizing the insulation performance. Today, building codes are adopting mandatory levels of airtightness, typically 3.0 ACH50. But with attention to details, materials, and sequencing, airtightness can – with just a little more effort – be achieved at 1.0 ACH50 or lower. With practice, Passive House performance of 0.6 ACH50 is readily achievable. Providing greater airtightness provides greater comfort, resilience and cost savings, essentially for free.

Just as Moore’s Law for computer processors has proven true – efficiency increases for progressively less money – today’s enclosures can add value in the form of comfort, energy efficiency, and resilience, for less cost through airtightness.

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