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JLConline.com features a High Performance Retrofit with Intello and Solitex

November 18, 2015


Major Surgery for a Failing Fat Wall highlights some of the all too common problems found in modern construction.  Jim Bradley of Caleb Contracting was confronted with a project in northern Vermont that needed a major touch up, and reached out to 475 for some help. We’ve been a part of some serious retrofits, and have seen the toll that improper insulation and wall construction can take on a home.  In this case, the job turned out to be more extensive than the homeowners expected.  Hoping for simple solutions to increase thermal comfort and lower energy bills, the homeowners instead needed significant reconstruction of the house walls. They were dealing with problems such as failing insulation, severe moisture damage, mold, rot and pest infestation.

To solve the problems, Jim worked with Floris to come up with a suitable wall construction to ensure airtightness and prevent moisture build up for decades to come. While the old construction featured a poly vapor barrier, loose-fill cellulose, OSB sheathing and housewrap, the new construction featured INTELLO, Roxul mineral wool insulation, dense-pack cellulose, gypsum board exterior sheathing and SOLITEX MENTO 1000.

Read the article and get all the details from this project.

For more in-depth photos, check out the PDF version of the article here.

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