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Lightway: The Next Generation of Solar Tubes

February 13, 2018

Daylighting our building interiors has many well-known benefits – as it makes us healthier and more productive at work, school, and home.  What could be better?

From Emperor Hadrian’s ancient Pantheon in Rome to the Johnson & Son administrative building by Frank Lloyd Wright – bringing daylight deep into otherwise dark interior spaces is an aspiration that through the ages has typically posed real challenges.  (The Oculus of the Pantheon is an open hole to the sky and Frank Lloyd Wright’s structures often leaked like they were open to the sky!)

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Where interior spaces have an exterior roof – high performance unit skylights and glass roofs by LAMILUX are an obvious solution. But for spaces deep in the interior – or not readily serviceable by a skylight – quality daylighting has been elusive….until now.

Today, we are happy to provide the US market the most advanced approach to interior daylighting with the Lightway Solar Tube.  Made from specially produced extra reflective tubing and capped with an ultra clear glass-crystal dome from Prague, it delivers the highest possible level of free daylight into otherwise dark interior rooms such as attics, hallways, and closets.

There are Lightway kits for each particular type of roof:  flat, pitched and cathedral.  And there are three tube sizes available, with diameters:  11.8″ (LW300), 15.7″ (LW400) or 23.6″ (LW600).

Each kit includes a crystal glass dome, collar, and insulated roof flashing with connecting tube segments.  Note that the number of segments varies and additional segments and elbows may be purchased depending on specific job requirements.

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  • Lightway Solar Tubes attract more daylight than flat skylights
  • The glass-crystal dome won’t become opaque like polycarbonate domes
  • The tubes disperse light evenly in a space, eliminating the hot spots common with conventional skylights
  • The stylish interior glass surface offers a clean appearance that won’t darken with age
  • Lightway’s corrosion-resistant aluminum tubing reflects 98% of daylight with minimal color loss

Blue Performance

And if your mandate is to do a low-energy or Passive House high performance building where thermal bridging is unacceptable, Lightway has the solution: combine the Lightway Solar Tube with the Blue Performance insulation break.  The Blue Performance insulation break is purchased separately. Combining this integrated, fully over-insulated double pane glass eliminates the performance issues associated with conventional Solar Tubes – thermal bridges, heat loss, condensation, and air tightness – and creates the ideal product for bringing daylight into Passive Houses and high performance buildings.


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