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External insulation finish system, foam free single-ply wood fiber insulating board and three layer stucco system in one. For use on exterior wall assemblies.

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GUTEX Thermowall
GUTEX’s exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) consists of Thermowall, a single-ply homogeneous wood fiber insulating board that is covered with a three coat stucco layer. It is exceptionally ecological and superbly fulfills the need for comfort, energy efficiency, fire protection, and weather resistance.

  • R-value: 3.6/inch
  • U-value 0.039 W/mK)
  • Perm rating: 44/inch (Sd 0.30m for 100 mm board)
  • The GUTEX Stucco system protects buildings against moisture and other environmental influences. GUTEX’s render system has been specially designed, tested and certified to meet the toughest possible demands. Essential to the functional reliability of the render system is the compatibility of the render and the insulation board. The system comes with a breathable lime/silicone render. This allows the insulation to dry outward unimpeded, all while giving offering a full range of textures and colors for the desired stucco finish.

    The raw material for all GUTEX insulation boards comes solely from wood that is harvested and grown using sustained forestry management practices. It is obtained as chips and shavings from sawmills located near the GUTEX plant – wood content 95% and is biologically safe/good for IAQ (natureplus certified).

    In addition to the single-ply homogeneous wood fiber insulating board and three coat stucco layer, GUTEX supply standard external insulation stucco materials such as thermally broken fixings, aluminum base rails, angle beads, mesh’s, etc.

  • Thermowall Spec Sheet
  • Thermowall Install Guide
  • Thermowall Diagram
  • GUTEX Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
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