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Continuous Airtightness Installation Workshop

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Continuous Airtightness Installation Workshop

325 Church St.
Toronto, ON M5B 2M2 Canada
December 1, 2017 @ 8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Where: Room ARC206 in the Ryerson University Architecture Building at 325 Church St, Toronto, ON M5B

Continuous airtightness is essential for high performance construction.  But how do we achieve it on site?

Understanding the role of airtightness in building energy and moisture control is essential to delivering a high performance assembly.  But while designers can detail an airtight layer of paper, what does it actually look like on site? _DSC2566-EditThis course will introduce some of the unique skills and materials used in delivering continuous airtightness in foam-free high performance assemblies.  Particular attention will be given to window installation and techniques for delivering airtightness at transitions.  Hands-on mockups and experiments will assist in determining what can and cannot, and should and should not be executed on a job site. This course is for builders primarily, but also for architects who wish to better understand on-site material application and the design opportunities this presents.

About the Company

475 High Performance Building Supply is a thought leader in high performance construction in North America. Founded in 2011 by Architect Ken Levenson, co-President of the North American Passive House Network, and Floris Keverling Buisman, a Dutch-trained Architect, building science consultant, and certified WUFI-ORNL instructor, 475 is dedicated to providing crucial knowledge and support for creating airtight, foam-free, durable, long-lasting, moisture-tolerant, and super energy efficient structures – from residential to commercial and institutional buildings across North America.  Complementing their educational resources is a unique line of high performance building components from established European companies manufacturing Passive House-level components, including Pro Clima airtight membranes, tapes, and accessories; Gutex wood fiberboard and Havelock wool natural insulations; and many others.  475 sells and services these products for architects, engineers, consultants, and builders through foursevenfive.com and foursevenfive.ca, and in-person across North America.

About the Presenters

Presenting at this event is 475’s Craig Toohey, a Certified Passive House Tradesperson (PHI) and Certified Passive House Builder (PHIUS) who brings a passion for sustainable solutions and a wealth of practical knowledge to this training.  Craig has in his career helped several climate and energy-focused small businesses and nonprofits drive a transition to a low-carbon, low-energy future, and has over the past few years helped hundreds of architects and builders design and execute airtight, well-ventilated, energy efficient structures using 475’s solutions. Craig will be joined by Huston Eubank, an architect by training and world leader in green building, whose background includes organizations like Gensler, the Rocky Mountain Institute, Regenerative Network, the World Green Building Council, and Passive House Canada to name a few.
**note: In case you found out about this event from our newsletter, a clarification that the listing of “December 4” was incorrect – this event will be held Friday, December 1, 2017 – apologies for any confusion.**

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