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Do More With Less: Your Dense Pack Netting Should Multitask

June 14, 2017
INTELLO Plus with service cavity

INTELLO Plus with service cavity

Dense pack insulation is a great way to insulate – whether it be cellulose, wood fiber (Thermofiber by GUTEX), sheeps’ wool (by HAVELOCK WOOL), or fiberglass. It can guarantee gap-free thermal protection, filling all the nooks and crannies.   And some insulations, like dense pack cellulose and wood fiber, can additionally help buffer moisture loading of your wall assembly – increasing its drying capacity and safety buffer.

But typical netting systems for dense pack insulation, like Insulweb™, do one and only one thing: hold the dense packed insulation in place. Why not choose a system that performs multiple functions and dramatically improves building performance – all while keeping your blown-in cellulose right where it belongs?

Value Added

Making any major change to insulation installation practices has to be justified by significant benefits. The most effective upgrades to installation practices should:

  1. Increase the insulation’s effectiveness.
  2. Improve occupant comfort, health and building efficiency.
  3. Reduce installation costs by streamlining the installation process. 
  4. Decrease risk by increasing opportunities for verification
  5. Add valuable services to installers’ portfolios.

One product can do all this and more: INTELLO PLUS.


INTELLO PLUS is an airtight, vapor-intelligent membrane, that provides air control, vapor control, and dense pack insulation containment.  – all in the service of significantly increasing building performance.

INTELLO PLUS increases the insulation’s effectiveness:

Observed insulation values can be significantly lower than quoted values for a given insulation material. Best practices can help improve the performance of the insulation layer itself, and bring you ever-closer to the maximum possible R-value of a given material.       A study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics showed that a leaky enclosure can decrease insulation’s effectiveness by a factor of 4.8. Air sealing on all sides of your insulation is the best way to improve the insulation’s performance and achieve quoted R-values.  The performance of your insulation is best optimized by air sealing on both sides of the insulation layer. (Consider the effectiveness of a windbreaker worn over a heavy sweater, and how the windbreaker helps the sweater do its job better.) If you’re in the business of installing insulation, why not install it so that its performance lives up to its maximum potential?

INTELLO PLUS improves occupant comfort, health and building efficiency:

Because of its vapor intelligence, INTELLO PLUS is able to maximize the drying potential of the wall assembly throughout the year in a wide range of climates. This prevents moisture accumulation in the insulation layer, which in turn limits mold growth, prolongs the life of the insulation, and ensures the health of building occupants.  And by keeping the building airtight, conditioned air is able to remain in the space, keeping the interior environment comfortable and significantly reducing heating and cooling loads.

Kevin_Brennan_insulationINTELLO PLUS will make your installation process simpler & cleaner.

Because INTELLO PLUS is airtight, the insulation doesn’t blow through it and contaminate the interior air.  There is no insulation loss and no extensive clean-up is required.   It is also easier to install than Insulweb™ because staples are only necessary every two inches, and INTELLO PLUS is robust and tear-resistant. Take a look at the simple process of densepacking behind INTELLO PLUS.

INTELLO PLUS will decrease risk by increasing opportunities for verification.

Ensuring that insulation is continuous and complete during the installation process is the best way of guaranteeing long-term building performance.  Because INTELLO PLUS is translucent and flexible, you can see the insulation behind it and you can readily feel the stiffness of the dense packing.  Because INTELLO PLUS is installed inboard of the insulation layer, it can be visually inspected for continuity once installed. When verifying airtightness levels using a blower door test, any holes in the airtight layer can be easily identified, with smoke sticks and infrared easy complements to visually examining the layer. This makes the long-term performance of the insulation and air barrier easy to assess during construction.

INTELLO PLUS adds valuable services to your installation services portfolio.

cellulose_with_INTELLO-750pxBy using INTELLO PLUS to contain dense pack insulation, you become responsible for the air barrier installation as well. This not only guarantees that your insulation installation will perform well in the long-term, but means you’ll be involved with a broader portion of the construction process. Blower door tested airtightness is becoming code-minimum in more and more municipalities, so seizing opportunities in the air sealing market is an intelligent business decision. Successful air sealing offers further opportunities, and their performance is further enhanced by integrating high-performance windows into the airtight layer. By introducing just one product – INTELLO PLUS – a wide range of possible business opportunities follows.

INTELLO PLUS for better buildings and better business

Dense pack insulation is a great way to insulate but it’s only one aspect of high-performance.  And Typical netting is a lost opportunity.  Optimize enclosure performance, occupant comfort and happiness, and not incidentally enhance the professional services you provide.  Choose INTELLO PLUS.


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