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Materials & Assemblies

In the PHI Lab and In the Field: Intello Tests Tightest

February 13, 2018

Airtight Passive House and high-performance building enclosures help make more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient buildings. The tighter the better. It can’t be repeated enough. It follows that to make an enclosure airtight, we must use airtight materials. Ergo, the tighter the material, the better. To provide designers and builders with third-party quality assurance, the Passive House Institute (PHI) has started […]

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Reason Foam Fails #8 – Hypersensitive On-Site Manufacturing

January 5, 2018

The construction industry has been making more and more building parts in the factory – through panelization, modular construction, and complex component fabrication. Factories are great at providing predictable environments that optimize construction quality while protecting workers.  It’s just smart. So we see this trend growing. And when chemical compounds are manufactured, the manufacturing environment is […]

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475 Tape Performance Lab: Tapes, Primers and Pressurization

December 22, 2017

Welcome back to the 475 Tape Performance Lab (aka our Brooklyn HQ presentation room). Check out last month’s experiment: Underwater Tape Test. We ask a lot of our tape. It air seals the junctions between the components in our high performance assemblies, helps ensures safety from mold, and lasts forever. A good tape not only sticks, adheres, and makes the building airtight for […]