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475 is proud to join: Business Backs Low-Carbon USA

January 13, 2017

businessbackslowcarbonusa475 is about climate change activism.  Today, we’re taking another step by joining more than 620 companies including Patagonia, Aspen Skiing Companyand investors across the United States – to encourage the incoming administration and new Congress to stick with the commitments we’ve made in the Paris Climate Agreement.  We pledge to do our part to create a #LowCarbonUSA and ask US leaders to do the same.  See the action here:  http://lowcarbonusa.org/

Failure to transition toward a low-carbon US economy now will only exacerbate the climate-related problems we’ll experience in the future. Climate change, if left unchecked, will devastate many of the communities in which we operate and the economy at large.  We must act decisively.  Maintaining U.S. climate leadership can spur innovation, advance our nation’s competitiveness, and position U.S. companies as leaders in the global economy. Our company has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our operations and is sourcing clean energy.  475’s business is built around delivering low-energy and Passive House buildings that support a post-carbon economy.

We ask that the new administration and Congress work together to build a healthy, thriving, low-carbon economy that will ensure our nation’s economy prosperity for generations to come.

We’re committed to a low-carbon economy. Will you join us?  Find out more: http://lowcarbonusa.org/

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