Fakro skylights: no compromise required

Traditionally skylights have demanded compromise - you installed skylights to get the coveted daylight and sky views, but invariably sacrificed thermal comfort and energy efficiency.    No more. [caption id="attachment_642" align="alignleft" width="195"] FTT U6 Thermo by Fakro[/caption] Meet the FTT U6 Thermo manufactured by Fakro.   Supplied to the US market by 475 High Performance Building Supply, the FTT U6 Thermo skylight offers a high-performance solution that provides traditional daylight and views while matching the high-performance goals of the rest of your building enclosure. With solid wood frames, triple-glazing with argon gas fill, the skylights provide a glass Uvalue of 0.089 BTU/hr °F ft² (0.5w/m2k) or R11 and an Uwindow from 0.14 BTU/hr °F ft² (0.81w/m2k) or R7. Glass is next generation triple pane - with optimized 3/4" (18mm) chambers in between panes, two low-e coatings, visual transmittance of 0.59 and a SHGC of 44%. Triple gasketing with rubber seals provides building enclosure air barrier continuity. [caption id="attachment_649" align="alignright" width="185"] Section Diagram[/caption] In addition to insulative (thermal and acoustic) excellence, Fakro skylights:
  • Help control solar heat gain in summer with optional integrated exterior retractable mesh shades.
  • Have an innovative center pivot for operability, allowing access to exterior shading device.
  • Provide protection against burglary with toughened and laminated glass layers with multi-point locking hardware.
  • Wood is FSC certified
[caption id="attachment_658" align="aligncenter" width="186"] FTT U6 - interior view[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_660" align="alignleft" width="362"] FTT U6 with AMZ exterior screen - multi-point lock is visible on side[/caption] In addition:
  • Skylights are readily available in two standard sizes (approx.):  21"x 38" and 31"x 46".
  • Optional manufactured curbs with a 20% pitch - to ensure proper water drainage at flat roof installations are available.
  • Other sizes, electronic controls and quadruple-glazing are available by special order and 12 week lead time.
Don't compromise.  Get daylight and comfort, efficiently.  Get Fakro FTT U6 Thermo triple pane skylights.  Email us at info@foursevenfive.com.

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