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Best of Off-Label Uses part 2

April 7, 2016

Because you love sending us examples of the many creative and improvisational ways you end up using our handy high performance materials, this has become a series of sorts. See part 1 of The Best of Off-Label Uses, and keep your images coming through twitter, facebook, or instagram.

TESCON VANA: Making sure you don’t fly off the handle since 2011.

Ax-2 Ax-1

Proving the waterproof abilities of EXTOSEAL ENCORS… this running toilet fix. Just don’t drop your phone, please.


The ‘ol pocket fix. A classic as demonstrated by Chris Hamm, a 2015 D.O.E. Solar Decathlon winner.


For those dings, dents, torn-off rear views, or busted insulated meat trucks.

ecological_building_ windsormeatfix

… or your “temporary” fix in lieu of major reconstructive surgery.


The team at Southern Exposure Construction in New Brunswick, Canada go formal with TESCON VANA to keep it warm for winter taping. We present: the VANA tie.


Thar she blows… We asked for Pro Clima-as-sail-repair, and we got it. I zoomed it in so you can see it, but it’s TESCON INVIS (hence, hard to see so it disappears beneath open joints).


… and remember: don’t try this at home, only use as recommended, not responsible for injuries, and all that good stuff. Just send us more pictures!

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