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475’s eBook Series Continues: High Performance I-Joist Assemblies

June 9, 2015

IjoistHeadline475’s first ebook, High Performance Historic Masonry Retrofits, has been hugely successful. And we thank you for the support and feedback we’ve gotten. In light of that, we’ve been eagerly plowing away at book #2, and are proud to announce the beta version of our follow-up: High Performance I-Joist Assemblies.

This will be the first of several we plan to release for new construction timber frame buildings. Just as before, this book lays out all the details necessary for optimizing building airtightness, vapor control, and continuous insulation – all foam free.

The I-Joist model has become a favorite among those who use Pro Clima airtight systems in North America. It’s been tested in the real world in some of the harshest environments, and proves to be a robust, simple, and cost-effective strategy for building airtight, vapor-open and foam free.

OR find all of the available books in our growing library in the Quality Control section.

Although we can’t yet release the focus of our next ebook, we do plan on creating an ebook for each one of the downloadable CAD Details. So, much more on the way. Please don’t hesitate: we want your feedback. We want to hear how you use these books and details, and what experiences you’ve had implementing them in your projects.

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