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475 On-Site: Bleu Nest in Ramsey, NJ

June 3, 2015

Larsen truss walls wrapped in Solitex make NJ’s 1st Passive House


Darren Macri has been working in the high performance / Passive House building world for quite some time, but his company, Bleu Nest Builders, has only recently burst on to the scene with some of the best imagery, branding, and social media in the business. It’s been serious fun working with Darren on this project – what is planned to be the first certified Passive House in New Jersey.

Darren has chosen a cost-effective Larsen truss assembly, building the trusses on-site. OSB taped with Tescon Vana for airtightness inside, Solitex Mento Plus taped with Vana for the exterior air barrier, Applegate insulation all around, with Intus windows sealed by Tescon Vana and Tescon Profil.

We’re excited to see this project coming together and wish Bleu Nest the best. For more from Darren, see his recent features on Elrond Burrell’s Blog: Passivhaus in Plain English and on Ben Adam-Smith’s Podcast: House Planning Help.

Bleu Nest’s selection for airtightness:

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