March 19, 2014

475 Continuing Education Presentations

We are constantly developing new educational materials and part of that effort includes professional continuing education presentations – including AIA and CSL credits.  We will be also offering BPI and GBCI credits shortly.

WUFI Study

WUFI Study

Here’s a rundown of the courses we currently offer.  Please email us at to request a session.

Foam Free High Performance Building Enclosures:  presents a clear and practical guide to achieving the highest levels of resilient and sustainable building enclosures while eliminating foam.  1 Hour/Credit.

High Performance Historic Masonry Retrofits:  A comprehensive presentation discusses strategies for minimizing the apparent conflict between protecting the structure while achieving greater energy efficiency and comfort.  1 Hour/Credit.

decentralized layoutDecentralized High Efficiency Ventilation:  is a high performance alternative to centralized, ducted systems for whole house ventilation.  This course examines the component options and design parameters for such a system.  1 Hour/Credit.

Air Sealing Master Class: A one day course that provides full interactive immersion into the theory, details, strategies, and practical application of building enclosure air sealing. 6 hours of instruction/6 Credits.

Airsealing class 475 hands on training with tapes and membranes for high performance buidlings

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